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Private construction law

How can irreparable damage to a foundation be compensated? What steps can I take against exceeding the execution period? What recourse is possible in case the contractor did not work according to the rules of the art?   

Construction law is a very broad legal field that covers many aspects. Consequently, there is a lot of potential for disputes. Given the importance of a construction project for all parties involved and the considerable costs involved in any repair or modification, it is of the utmost importance to resolve any disputes as quickly as possible.

Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars provide pragmatic and flexible tailor-made assistance in all relations between the parties involved in construction projects. We help large and small contracting companies as well as other construction partners – owners, subcontractors, suppliers, insurers, designers, engineering firms, etc. – in the following matters:

  • review of contracts and assistance in drafting them.
  • expert opinions, arbitration procedures, procedures before courts and tribunals, alternatives such as mediation procedures, etc.
  • conducting negotiations.
  • the avoidance or settlement of disputes.

We prefer to try to resolve construction problems amicably by negotiation or mediation with a view to a shorter and more economical turnaround. We only opt for legal proceedings in the second instance and insofar as this is necessary.

Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars is closely associated with major players including Confederatie Bouw Limburg, Bouwunie, Bouw Info Limburg and other interest groups. The firm also provides concrete training on construction law for those involved in the sector.


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