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Criminal law

What if your child runs into a police checkpoint with a speeding moped? What are the possible consequences if you overload your van or truck?

When you commit a crime, you can be punished before the criminal court when this is provided for in the criminal law. This may range from a simple traffic offence to being drunk at the wheel, a hit-and-run case, deliberate assault and wounding, to a different or serious criminal offence.

Criminal proceedings begin with an interrogation before the police. The team of Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars will assist you in the preliminary investigation of the criminal case, during the interrogation with the police, at the hearing before the investigating judge and during the pre-trial detention, both within the legal system as well as before the court. The court ultimately decides on the merits of the case, on the punishment and on the damages suffered by the victims (if any).

Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars is synonymous with the proper but professional defence of its clients, either as the perpetrator or as the victim, in situations such as the following:

  • Your child’s motorbike is modified and checked by the police on the way home from school. Not only are you punished for the modification of the motorbike, but the motorbike does not meet the technical requirements of the manufacturer/importer, it is most likely not insured and your child does not have a valid driving licence. For each of these offences, separate criminal sanctions (driving ban and heavy fines) can be imposed by the court.
  • A misdemeanour such as vandalism or assault, whether or not under the influence of the wrong kind of friends, or an unfortunate combination of circumstances that provokes an offence, can have serious consequences.
  • An overloading or uneven loading of the truck can lead to a heavy judicial or administrative fine.

A repetition of a crime, even a traffic offence within a time limit set by the law or the court, can even lead to a doubling of the penalty.

Professional advice from Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars may be able to prevent further incidents from being brought before the criminal court. Consult us well in time after the police have established your infringement or the offence committed, before your first police interview, but in any event before the bailiff summons you to appear in court.


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