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Civil litigation

This is not the car I ordered? My coat came out of the dry cleaner damaged, what now? My neighbour has demolished our fence but acts as if nothing has happened!

Civil disputes are disputes that concern one or other relationship between private individuals or between an entrepreneur and an individual. Jurisdiction over civil problems is divided among four courts. The justice of the peace settles, among other things, minor disputes between citizens. Those who are not satisfied or have more major problems approach the civil court, the company court or the labour court.

The motto of Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars is: “Prevention is better than cure”. So seek our advice well in time. With common sense, with mutual trust and consultation, we will do everything necessary to resolve your problem.

  • What to do when a non-conforming car is delivered – when there are hidden defects?
  • You are organising a neighbourhood party and the barbecue you ordered is not delivered, what should you do next?
  • You lend or borrow money to or from a private person and he does not pay back the loan?
  • You have taken your coat to the dry cleaner’s and it is completely ruined. What now?

This legal domain also includes ‘minor contracts’. In recent years, consumer protection has become increasingly enshrined in law. Consumer law lays down many rules and agreements that must be observed during the sale and purchase of goods and services. Nevertheless, there is often room for dispute. Especially in case of neighbourhood disputes, which unfortunately occur quite frequently.

So don’t wait until the problem escalates. Through mediation, a conciliation procedure or, if strictly necessary, legal proceedings, we ensure that the sting is removed from the dispute. We are ready to help you at any level: to provide advice, to draft contracts, and to provide support in court.


Jan Verlinden (1969, Genk) has been a partner at Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars since 1994. He mainly deals with files relating to contracting law, real ...

Yves Daenen (1962, Genk) mainly focuses on real estate and property law on the one hand, and civil litigation on the other. He graduated from the law faculty...

Mathieu Cilissen (1960) specialises in construction law and liability law. Since 1992, he has been a partner in the law firm Gilkens-Panis, which has grown i...

Steven Menten (1976, Hasselt) has been a lawyer and partner at Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars since 2008. He specialises in company and contract law and ...

Vicky Spiridakis (°1984, Genk) legt zich voornamelijk toe op het aansprakelijkheids- en verzekeringsrecht en bouwrecht. Ze is sinds 2013 als advocaat-senior...

Caroline Pincemin (1973, Rennes) has been part of Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars since 2010 as an associate lawyer. She mainly handles cases related to t...

Piet Janssen (1970, Genk) has been a lawyer at the Limburg Bar since 1994. He is also a mediator in family cases and has been appointed administrator. He spe...

Ellen Vanderweyden (1991, Tienen) graduated in 2015 as Master of Law at the KU Leuven.

After completing her studies, she commenced her career as a law...

Farah Lambrechts (1996, Genk) has been part of Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars as a junior associate since September 2020. She focuses on civil law in gen...


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