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Family Law

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a marriage or cohabitation contract? Should you gift your property or should your heirs wait until your death? My child has been kidnapped, this cannot go on!

Marriage, cohabitation, the birth of a child, adoption, divorce, the end of cohabitation, the death of a partner or other family member, etc. these are all major events which Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars will advise and assist you in complete confidence.

Our assistance in this branch of the law consists of advising, negotiating, jointly seeking a solution and, if necessary, providing strong representation in legal proceedings. We do this in a personal and empathic way in numerous situations, such as:

  • in questions relating to maintenance payments between (ex) partners, (ex) spouses or for children
  • the drawing up of a settlement agreement in case of divorce by mutual consent
  • in the protection of a minor or an adult,
  • the drafting of a will, an inheritance agreement, succession planning, etc.

Within the framework of family estate law, our experts in family law together with specialists in business and company law are ready to advise you on the transfer of your family business in the context of succession planning. In doing so, we not only pay attention to the financial and business aspects, but our team also approaches the relational ties within the family business with the necessary care.

Even across borders, Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars can provide specialised and clear advice on international issues, ranging from questions concerning the law applicable to marriage or cohabitation, wills, maintenance payments of the (ex) partner or the child, etc. to international child abduction.


Anneleen Meylaerts (1979, Leuven) has been part of Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars since 2010. She became a partner in 2016 and now mainly handles cases r...

Since 1 July 2010, Guy Heyvaert (1956, Dendermonde) has been part of the law firm as a partner-attorney after the merger of his firm with Adlex advocaten &am...

Piet Janssen (1970, Genk) has been a lawyer at the Limburg Bar since 1994. He is also a mediator in family cases and has been appointed administrator. He spe...

Karolien Debroux (1991, Sint-Truiden) joined the Tongeren Bar in 2015 and since then has been part of Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars as associate lawyer....

Valerie Leyen (1992, Maaseik) has been part of Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars as an associate lawyer since September 2018. She focuses on family law.


Farah Lambrechts (1996, Genk) has been part of Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars as a junior associate since September 2020. She focuses on civil law in gen...

Hanne-Lore Donné (1997, Sint-Truiden) has been a member of the Limburg Bar since September 2021 and has been associated with Adlex advocaten & bemiddela...


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