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Please note the ‘& bemiddelaars’ (mediators) under our logo. This is not a mere tagline, but an essential competence. Resolving a dispute through mediation means a win-win for all parties. We are strongly committed to this.

Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars are a close-knit, multidisciplinary team that builds on specialisations, years of experience and a strong commitment. Adlex works internationally and at the highest level.







From debt collection to family law

Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars offer their clients answers and solutions across a wide range of legal domains. A dispute with multiple legal facets therefore benefits from the opinions and advice of several lawyers from our law firm.

How do I handle the termination of an employee? Can I get support for collective bargaining negotiations?

Social law is a branch of law which on the one hand consists of social security law and, on the other, comprises labour law and the rules governing the agreement between the employer and the employee:

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Is it impossible to reach an agreement without litigation? Is the mediator engaged by us really independent? Can I as a private individual make use of mediation?

Negotiation, mediation and collaborative negotiation are part of alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution can be conducted out-of-court or through legal proceedings. Moreover, any matter or dispute can be taken up for alternative dispute resolution.

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This is not the car I ordered? My coat came out of the dry cleaner damaged, what now? My neighbour has demolished our fence but acts as if nothing has happened!

Civil disputes are disputes that concern one or other relationship between private individuals or between an entrepreneur and an individual. Jurisdiction over civil problems is divided among four courts. The justice of the peace settles, among other things, minor disputes between citizens. Those who are not satisfied or have more major problems approach the civil court, the company court or the labour court.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a marriage or cohabitation contract? Should you gift your property or should your heirs wait until your death? My child has been kidnapped, this cannot go on!

Marriage, cohabitation, the birth of a child, adoption, divorce, the end of cohabitation, the death of a partner or other family member, etc. these are all major events which Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars will advise and assist you in complete confidence.

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What means do I have to force an unwilling debtor to pay? Does it always have to be enforced in court?

Collecting money. That is the literal meaning of debt collection and it makes this legal domain vital for every entrepreneur. If your services or goods are not paid for voluntarily, you should contact us as soon as possible to arrange collection. Incidentally, the advantage is that the costs for this collection are, in principle, borne by the debtor. The collection procedure starts with a notice of default notifying the debtor that failure to pay within the agreed period will result in considerable additional costs.

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How do you file an objection during a public inquiry? What can you do about a zoning violation? How do you deal with land reparcelling?

The legal domain of environmental law comprises environmental and spatial planning law. In fact, it is a collective name for all laws and regulations concerning the physical living environment in which people live or work. This may involve rules relating to spatial planning, building, environment, water, nature protection and general administration.

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Is my management contract fully in conformity with the law? Am I sufficiently protected as a seller/buyer of this business enterprise ? How can I establish good working rules with my fellow shareholders?

Corporate law is the collection of rules for the daily life and commercial needs of companies and organisations. These rules mainly relate to legal entities, but also any natural person who carries on a professional activity independently, including practitioners of a liberal profession. Company law, for example, determines how your company should be managed or how you can transfer your shares. These rules only apply to legal entities.

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How do I ensure that the proposal of candidacy or tender bid for a public contract is submitted correctly? Can we contest the award of a public contract?

The legal domain of Public Procurement governs agreements concluded between one or more contractors, suppliers or service providers on the one hand and one or more contracting authorities (cities, municipalities, provinces) or public undertakings on the other. In recent years, the business world has been paying more and more attention to public procurement. This is only logical given the fact that contracting authorities spend approximately €50 billion on them on an annual basis in Belgium alone.

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Who is liable in case of flooding? Is the award of that public contract permissible?

Administrative law describes the rules that the government must adhere to when making its decisions. In essence, it is the law that traditionally governs the relationship between the government and its subordinates, which are both private individuals and companies.

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How can irreparable damage to a foundation be compensated? What steps can I take against exceeding the execution period? What recourse is possible in case the contractor did not work according to the rules of the art?

Construction law is a very broad legal field that covers many aspects. Consequently, there is a lot of potential for disputes. Given the importance of a construction project for all parties involved and the considerable costs involved in any repair or modification, it is of the utmost importance to resolve any disputes as quickly as possible.

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What if your child runs into a police checkpoint with a speeding moped? What are the possible consequences if you overload your van or truck?

When you commit a crime, you can be punished before the criminal court when this is provided for in the criminal law. This may range from a simple traffic offence to being drunk at the wheel, a hit-and-run case, deliberate assault and wounding, to a different or serious criminal offence.

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Does an easement exist? Did the estate agent act correctly? What options do I have as a landlord to act against deliberate destruction by the tenant?

Belgians have a strong urge to build. We like to build and renovate. But the legal framework of real estate transactions is becoming increasingly complex.

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As a driver, am I always responsible for accidents involving vulnerable road users? Can my insurer recover from me the damages it paid to the victim in an accident caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs? My dog bites the neighbour’s chickens to death, will I always be responsible?

domain of Liability and Insurance fascinates everyone, because every one of us is confronted with it at least once in his/her life, from birth as a child, as an adolescent, as an adult and as a senior citizen. Indeed, everyone has been a victim or is responsible for damage suffered at some time or other.

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