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Mathieu Cilissen (1960) specialises in construction law and liability law. Since 1992, he has been a partner in the law firm Gilkens-Panis, which has grown i...

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Guy Heyvaert

Since 1 July 2010, Guy Heyvaert (1956, Dendermonde) has been part of the law firm as a partner-attorney after the merger of his firm with Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars. He assists his clients in criminal, traffic and insurance law proceedings, but also in divorce settlements and estates. He also assists in neighbourhood disputes, easements, property claims, etc.

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Together with your trusted lawyer, they ensure the correct financial handling of your case file. Transparent invoicing is part of this. That is why you alway...

Linda Rogiers (1967, Genk) has been working as an office manager at Adlex advocaten & bemiddelaars since 1992.  She is a member of the Executive Committ...