Piet Janssen

Piet Janssen (1970, Genk) has been a lawyer at the Limburg Bar since 1994. He is also a mediator in family cases and has been appointed administrator. He specialises in legal domains relating to real estate.

Piet Janssen obtained his law degree with distinction at the Free University of Brussels in 1993. He then obtained a special degree in social law with distinction at the Free University of Brussels in 1994. Due to his interest in real estate, he mainly handles cases involving real estate (purchase/sale/rental), drawing on his expertise in private construction law, real estate and property law, contract law, liability and insurance law as well as family and inheritance law.

Since 2019, he has been a law lecturer at Syntra Limburg, where he teaches rental law within the real estate broker training programme in Westerlo. He is a board member of Unizo-Riemst. Furthermore, he is a member of the Local Economic Empowerment Council and the Environmental Council of the municipality of Riemst.



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