Christiane Beynsberger

Our administrative staff will welcome you with the attention you deserve. For them, The customer is king is a maxim they take very literally. From the very first contact, they ensure that you feel at home and that your questions are passed on correctly. Scheduling appointments, following up correspondence, in short, they take care of the administrative handling of your case file from A to Z. And of course, they are also very happy to serve you that nice cup of coffee during a meeting.

Office Genk

Grotestraat 122
B – 3600 Genk

tel +32 89 32 23 00

Office Bree

Bocholterstraat 14
B – 3960 Bree

tel +32 89 46 15 62

Follow our advisors

Our advisors are your most important representatives and the faithful defenders of your interests. Always tactful and loyal – but firm wherever necessary.

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